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02-10-2008, 09:26 AM
24 hours after hearing TH and staff were gone, I'm still in shock and can't hardly believe it. But mostly my thoughts are with the girls. If I'm shocked, they are probably in a daze and need all our support and encouragment. Now more than ever, pull together as a team. We've believe in you no matter what. Why? Because you are a GREAT group of young ladies.

Look at next year's senior class: Bethany, Kortney, Nicole, Mandy and Erin. Wow! This class is even stronger than last years and that was the most decorated senior class ever.

Then we have two outstanding players who have been in the program for two years -- Chelsey and Lindsay -- both in the starting rotation.

And all of the above will be pushed and challenged by the Flyer 5 - recruiting class of Yvonne, Tiffany, Becky, Kacie and Rachael.

We have Anna on campus a semester early hard at work with the team and her recruiting classmates that we are all excited about - Erinn2 and Rachael2. Plus there are two additional walk-ons that haven't been announced.

I BELIEVE in this team. Is it crappy that TH and staff left? Yeah! He recruited every one of these outstanding young ladies... looked them in the eye and said, "Come to Dayton and help us build a National Program." And they did just that. Everyone of these ladies have put in countless hours, have done everything TH asked them to do, etc. And, he left. That's crappy. It's also LIFE. There are no guarantees and things out of your control change all the time. I BELIEVE in these young ladies and they will come out of this experience stronger as individuals and stronger as a team. I also BELIEVE in Ted Kissell and have no doubts he is already lining up interviews. It's shocking, but it can also launch this team to even greater success. The character of the young women on this team will sustain them. We as fans need to rally behind them.

Avid Flyer
02-11-2008, 12:55 AM
Well the old saying goes, "when one door closes another one opens". And what an opportunity for an outstanding coach. A ready made team of super young ladies on and off the court, I know, I met them. Not related to any of them so I can brag about them without a conflict of interest or bias. (The red and blue glass bias don't count).

We were very fortunate to have TH and TO for the past few years and now that the "PLAYERS" have taken this team to a new level, it is only apppropriate that they get a coaching staff capable of taking them the rest of the way.

Hang in there girls, while this was a shock and dissappointment bigger and brighter days lie ahead. Its not the end of the story but rather a new chapter being written in your lives personally, for UD and for us rabid fans. One thing we know we can count on, the next staff will be winners.

02-11-2008, 11:56 AM
We could look back at this and thank the lucky stars for bringing us the next great coach, who knows for sure. I am sure there is plenty of talent here and plenty of support for the team to continue their improvement (although the seniors were great last year).

02-11-2008, 12:43 PM
The team was pretty upset on Friday when they were told. These are 19-22 year old young ladies and I'm sure this was a big shock. Those of us who are older (but not neccessarily wiser) know life can throw these kind of thing at you.

Avid and Brian are correct. This team needs to believe in itself, whoever the coach is. Here's the really good thing about all this. You've all been in Horsmon's system for 1-4 years. (And I'm not just talking about the plays you run on the court.) I'm talking about the conditioning, the techniques and skills you're working on, the strict food diet thing, the workouts how many times a week, etc. The WHOLE system was a WINNING FORMULA. You as individual athletes can commit to continue that. As a team, you can commit to continue and push each other in these areas. You all know the WINNING FORMULA -- so set up and commit to it as a team. When the new coaching staff comes in, THERE WILL BE CHANGES. That's how it works in life. But most of what Horsmon taught you, you can continue if you commit to it. If Horsmon had you running stairs as training and the new coach doesn't. You CAN stay after practice as an individual or as a team and run stairs. Will the offense and defense change - probably. Can you change that - probably not. But you can still do the drills and develop your skills under Horsmon's system -- just like before. You will need to be open-minded about the new coaches system and commit to it. But if something in Horsmon's system has really helped you -- don't abandon it. You may have to work on it alone or after practice -- but STAY WITH IT.

What does this all add up to: YOU HAVEN'T LOST ANYTHING. It's within you and if it's helped you, commit to continuing to work at it. And, in fact, you will be GAINING. The new coach will bring in new stuff that will help some of you greatly. The best part of this is the combination of the old and the new WILL MAKE THIS TEAM BETTER.

Next Year's Seniors: You need to get this team back to practice. Go to whoever in the athletic department and set it up. You're the leaders. Take this week to get it set up -- but don't let next week go without practices. You all are a TEAM. Keep the discipline in tack. Make it WORK during the coaching search.

02-11-2008, 01:07 PM
I agree BeckysTXA, keep your heads up, this could be for the best even though it might not seem that way. If the team needs someone to throw balls or yell at them I am available. :)

Chris R
02-11-2008, 01:11 PM
As great a coach TH was and still is, he never dug one ball, scored one spike, or earned one assist at UD. All of those people were on the court. And they still are.