View Full Version : A-10 Tournament Prospects

05-14-2008, 03:42 PM
With only 3 games left this weekend, the chances of Dayton making the A-10 tournament appear to be just about slim and none - and slim just left town.

The top 6 make the tournament and Dayton - in a 3 way tie with GWU and Fordham for 7th - trails 6th place SBU by 2 games. SBU also holds the tiebreaker over Dayton based on a Bonnie sweep of their 3-game series against Dayton earlier this year. For the Flyers to make the tournament, Dayton must sweep their three game home series with Duquesne this weekend and SBU must get swept in their 3-game series this weekend against Richmond. My guess is that Fordham must also lose at least one game this weekend. Dayton did sweep GWU this year - so we hold the tiebreaker there.

Should the Flyers not make the tournament - and that appears quite likely - it would go down as one of the more disappointing seasons in recent memory.