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11-02-2008, 08:26 PM
Alright volleyball fans. We've got two weeks to win the A-10 regular season and carry the #1 seed into the A-10 tourney. Although the team has to "take it one match at a time" We fans can talk about anything we want. lol

So I was out looking at Player of the Year and Setter of the Year. It's not that easy since some of the team websites don't have their conference stats broken out. And then there is St Louis who for 3 matches (G. Washington, Temple and Charlotte) only report 1 Set of stats not the whole match.

None-the-less, I think it comes down to 4 players: McCloud, SLU hitting .442 in conference matches they have all stats reported; Otte, X hitting .319; Bethany hitting .443 and Lindsay hitting .457. Lindsay's numbers are a little better than Bethany's right now - both hitting % and blocking. But I could see a co-award given to our MBs. McCloud is the only real competition -- and we don't know where her numbers are since 3 match stats are incomplete.

For Setter of the Year, it's between SLU's Roth who won it last year and is averaging 11.68 assists/set and low and behold... our own Kacie Hausfeld who is averaging 12.09. Last year I thought Erin should have won it because of the team record and the fact she had to set so many new hitters. But the coaches went strickly on conference stats. They sure as heck better vote the same way this year and honor Kacie if these numbers hold up.

Coach of the Year - Anne Kordes from St Louis is the leading candidate right now -- and deserving of the award if they win match #2. But if we win SLU-2, I think Sheffield trumps her year considering how many starters we have out with injury. They certainly didn't take overall record into consideration last year when they passed over Horsmon and they better not again this year.

It's going to be interesting.

11-02-2008, 09:18 PM
Even if Dayton should win match #2 against SLU, we would need to sweep the sets and hold SLU under 17-18-17 points to get the #1 seed - ain't gonna happen. That being said, I don't think being the #1 or #2 seed makes much difference. With _avier getting bageled twice this week, it is obvious there are only two quality teams this year in the A-10 and they should both make it to the A-10 tournament finals.

Dayton winning or losing match #2 against SLU, here are my picks -

COY -Kordes - They will remember the win over Stanford - even if it was a non-con win. Sheffield might get a little more love than Horsmon got - but not much.

McCloud - POY - Hard to argue with this one

Roth -SOY - Having won it last year, she should be a lock for this year. That is what usually happens unless your name is Schroeder and you are from Dayton and you go 32-2.

If I am Coach Sheffield, I put together a game-plan for SLU and work on it between now and the A-10 tournament.