View Full Version : Fan Letter Udpate 2

11-11-2008, 02:32 PM
I've gotten a couple of the fan messages already to put in our Fan Letter to the team. I cleaned out my UDPride mailbox so everyone who wants to send a note of support can email me via UDPride -- and we will use your login names versus your real names in the letter. For Example, here's how the letter will open:

Dear 2008 UD Volleyball Team:

As you head to St. Louis for the A-10 Championship Tournament, some of your biggest fans from the UDPride website wanted to send you off with well wishes. Here are their notes of support:

From UDBrian:

As a fan it has been a pleasure watching your hard work...

At this point we are not limiting how long your message can be. If we run into length problems - I'll email individuals who need to shorten their message.

I think I have 6 people sending notes so far. I'd like to see twice that... so get off your you-know-whats and support this team. Do You Believe??? We can WIN the A-10 Tourney!!!