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  1. Rita
  2. Flyer Volleyball Quickly Writing History
  3. Miami (OH) Preview
  4. A Different Season, a Different Result
  5. The Hunted
  6. Flyers Dominate Lipscomb to Reach NCAA 2nd Round
  7. Flyers Fall 3-0 to Michigan State in NCAA 2nd Round Play
  8. Thinking Out Loud
  9. High Point Preview
  10. Links of Love
  11. Better but Room for Improvement
  12. Short & Sweet
  13. In Search of Paul Williams
  14. Pittsburgh Preview
  15. Dayton/Pitt Blogorama
  16. Gem City Hospitality Impales Pittsburgh
  17. I think I can, I think I can
  18. Linky Goodness
  19. That's a Fact, Jack!
  20. It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over
  21. Half Empty or Half Full?
  22. Attack of the Emails!
  23. Odds and Ends
  24. A Difficult Decision
  25. FTS on FTs
  26. Dayton Still Second Fiddle to the School Down South
  27. End of Days
  28. Tradition!
  29. Things (and People) I'm going to Miss
  30. I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends
  31. This Ain't No Shangri-La
  32. From Handing Out Soup to Handing Out Assists
  33. Watching and Waiting
  34. Hot Seat?
  35. Time to Ask 'When Will Our Time Come?'
  36. Best of the Best
  37. Hoops 'R' Us
  38. The Soundtrack of My Life
  39. Five Great Ones Of The New Era
  40. Memorial Day Musings
  41. Upon Further Review
  42. For All of the Marbles
  43. And Now, For Something Completely Different
  44. Brief and to the Point
  45. On the Road Again
  46. Uncle Swampy's Chicagoland Pick Up Hoops Tour
  47. Required Reading
  48. Uncle Swampy's Chicagoland Pick Up Hoops Tour, Volume 2
  49. Linky Goodness
  50. 2008 UD Womens Soccer Preview
  51. 2008 UD Men's Soccer Preview
  52. 2008 UD Women's Volleyball Preview
  53. Flyers Down Hoosiers 4-1 in Season Opener
  54. Kissell Forced UD to Compete Again
  55. Life on the Road
  56. UD Outmuscles Denver 3-1
  57. Dayton Evens Series with WSU After 1-0 Win
  58. Searching the Intrawebs
  59. Scrabble-iscious
  60. Drilling Deep
  61. Flyers Outrun Thundering Herd 1-0
  62. DeCamps' Effort Silences Robert Morris 5-0
  63. A Tale of Two Paths
  64. Flyers Win A10 Opener 1-0 over Spiders
  65. Flyers Hold Off SIU-Edwardsville 3-2
  66. The Look Test
  67. Hey, Look What I Found
  68. More of the Same
  69. Dayton Tops Richmond in 4-3 Shootout
  70. Red Card Helps Flyers Top George Washington 3-1
  71. The FTS Tour of the Virtual Mag Rack
  72. MacCormick's Dazzle Drops St. Bonnie 4-0
  73. UD Hammers Duquesne 4-1
  74. The World Serious
  75. Dayton Holds Off Upset-Minded Fordham 1-0
  76. What's the Buzz?
  77. Dayton Finishes Undefeated at Home With 3-1 Win Over LaSalle
  78. UDPride and Flyer Feedback Team Up for 2008-09
  79. Overtime Win Over Fordham Keeps A10 Tourney Bye In Sight
  80. UD Earns Second Place With 2-0 Win Over LaSalle
  81. Who Are These Guys?
  82. It's Blogtastic
  83. Wofford Preview
  84. Delaware St Preview
  85. Old Dog; New Tricks
  86. It Is Time
  87. Mercer Preview
  88. 12 Angry Men
  89. Audience Participation
  90. Prodigal Son
  91. Can You Feel It?
  92. Vegas Baby, Vegas
  93. One Third of the Way Home
  94. Saying Good-bye
  95. Holiday Leftovers
  96. Road Trip!
  97. What Do We Know About Jalen Steele?
  98. Mixed Bag
  99. Rumor du Jour
  100. It's Hot, It Can't Be Stopped
  101. What Do We Know About Isaiah Sykes?
  102. Chapter 2: What Do We Know About Isaiah Sykes?
  103. Observations From a Flyin' Flyer
  104. Maybe Ted Kissell Wasn't So Stupid
  105. It Is On!
  106. Xavier Game Afterglow
  107. Just Take an Hour
  108. Mickey Perry To Wardrobe Please
  109. Beaten With the Ugly Schtick
  110. Mid-Winter Break
  111. What Do We Know About Matt Kamieniecki?
  112. It Is On, Part Deux
  113. What Do We Know About Roy Marble, Jr. and Kyle Vinales?
  114. Game Day Diversion
  115. Life After Xavier
  116. What to Expect in AC Thursday Night
  117. What Can We Expect in AC on Friday Night?
  118. What Do We Have Here?
  119. I'm Mad as Hell and not Going to Take it Anymore
  120. Fourth Time a Charm?
  121. At a Crossroads
  122. Who Are You Gonna Believe?
  123. Who's Got Next? We Do
  124. Post Season Math Lesson
  125. One Hit Wonders?
  126. One Hit Wonders? (Part Deux)
  127. Action/Reaction
  128. WOTS
  129. Welcome to the Offseason
  130. Let There Be Spring
  131. The Column to Be Named Later
  132. Thirty Two and Counting
  133. What a Wonderful World
  134. The Wide World of Sports
  135. Love of Links
  136. University Hall
  137. Linkotology
  138. Help With the Fight
  139. Blogasm
  140. The Thriller May Be Gone, But Life Goes On
  141. Filling The BG Sales Funnel
  142. Passions
  143. Hello I Must Be Going...On Vacation That Is
  144. Don't Get Me Started
  145. Summertime Blues
  146. 2009 UD Women's Soccer Preview
  147. Headlines, We Got Headlines
  148. 2009 Women's Volleyball Preview
  149. 2009 Men's Soccer Preview
  150. Flyers Run Past MTSU 4-0 in Home Opener
  151. Ruminations
  152. Bearcats Spoil Flyers Season Opener 5-2
  153. So You Want To Be A Basketball Blogger?
  154. Flyers Thump Ball State 4-0
  155. Flyers and Raiders Finish in Scoreless Tie
  156. Flyers Get First Win of Season, Beat Bowling Green 4-3
  157. Where We Have Been; Where We Are Going
  158. Bits and Pieces
  159. Friday Night Trifecta: Fall Sports Teams Sweep
  160. UD Blanks Alabama A&M 3-0
  161. The Blogosphere
  162. Are Your Ready For Some BASEBALL!
  163. Flyer Soccer Nabs Two Shutouts in Friday Doubleheader
  164. Double Overtime Heroics For UD Men's and Women's Soccer
  165. Tour of the Magazine Rack
  166. Too Boring or Too Good?
  167. Flyers Conquer Venue Change, Rhode Island For 2-0 Win
  168. Flyers Whip Hapless UMass 3-0
  169. Fordham Pre-Season Preview
  170. George Washington Pre-Season Preview
  171. Dayton Shoots Down #11 Charlotte 3-0
  172. Goin' to Work
  173. St Louis Pre Season Preview
  174. A10 Champs! Flyers Hammer Xavier 3-0
  175. St Joseph Pre Season Preview
  176. Dayton Outlasts St. Louis 1-0 For First Place
  177. Women's Soccer A10 Postseason Award Predictions
  178. Rhode Island Rams Pre Season Preview
  179. A10 Season Champs! UD ousts Xavier 4-0
  180. St Bonaventure Bonnies Pre Season Preview
  181. Pardonnez Moi
  182. Massachusetts Minutemen Pre Season Preview
  183. Charlotte 49ers Pre Season Preview
  184. Creighton Preview
  185. I Got My Pride
  186. Flyers Win Dramatic PK Shootout over Marquette in NCAAs
  187. UD Falls Short Against Va Tech 3-1 in NCAA 2nd Rd
  188. Duquesne Dukes Pre Season Preview
  189. Ahhhh, Puerto Rico!
  190. Georgia Tech Preview
  191. And Another Thing...
  192. Jim Jabir: A Look Back
  193. The Penalty Of Leadership
  194. Temple Pre-Season Preview
  195. LaSalle Pre-Season Preview
  196. Miami (OH) Preview
  197. Whattya Got?
  198. Xavier Pre-Season Preview
  199. The Voice
  200. The Long and Winding Road (Part I)
  201. George Mason Preview
  202. The Long and Winding Road (Part II)
  203. Winter Warm Up
  204. Finals Week
  205. San Diego Flyer's Undercover Gals
  206. Wintertime Blues
  207. Boston Preview
  208. The List To End All Lists
  209. Now The Real Fun Begins
  210. The End of the 30 Year Insanity
  211. Here's What I Think
  212. Ten Thoughts
  213. Should He Stay or Should He Go?
  214. This Here Is The Week That Is
  215. Who Cares?
  216. What We Learned from the Xavier Game
  217. Mission Accomplished?
  218. That's Why They Play the Games
  219. Da Burgh
  220. The End of the Idiocy
  221. Lighten Up, Francis
  222. Horseshoes, Grenades, and the Dayton Flyers
  223. Well, It Was a Nice Day for a Drive
  224. Second Half Sludge
  225. NEW ARTICLE: Take My Pod...Please
  226. NEW ARTICLE: Rubber Match
  227. NEW ARTICLE: Passion Play
  228. NEW ARTICLE: An Open Letter to Brian Gregory
  229. NEW ARTICLE: A Little of Dis, a Liitle of Dat
  230. NEW ARTICLE: On the Road to Greater Things
  231. NEW ARTICLE: Get Ready for a Double Dose of Flyers
  232. NEW ARTICLE: The City So Great They Named It Twice
  233. NEW ARTICLE: Be Careful What You Wish For...
  234. NEW ARTICLE: The Last Waltz
  235. NEW ARTICLE: Welcome to the Off-Season
  236. NEW ARTICLE: The Wild West
  237. NEW ARTICLE: Spring Fever
  238. NEW ARTICLE: Linkotology
  239. NEW ARTICLE: Happy Cinco de Mayo
  240. NEW ARTICLE: Wheels of Fortune
  242. NEW ARTICLE: Watching and Waiting
  243. NEW ARTICLE: What Do We Really Know About Kevin Dillard?
  244. NEW ARTICLE: The Man Behind The Videos: An Interview With Michael LaPlaca
  245. NEW ARTICLE: Iz BG staying or will he zo?
  246. NEW ARTICLE: The Three Rs
  247. NEW ARTICLE: I Felt the Earth Move!
  248. NEW ARTICLE: Twenty-One
  249. NEW ARTICLE: Ready...Set...Recruit!
  250. NEW ARTICLE: A Midsummer Night's Dream