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ud69 01-08-2018 12:16 PM

Team Roster
Updated Roster Tree - 7/18/18 - Added Dynda

Class of 2015(2019 graduates) - Kendyll Brown, Margo Wolf, Lauren Bruns

Class of 2016(2020 graduates) - Jordan Albarran, Sierra Pia, Mackenzie Weaver(Transfer from Syracuse)

Class of 2017(2021 graduates) - Jamie Peterson (red-shirted in 2017), Bridget Doherty, Brooke Westbeld(red-shirted in 2016), Olivia Dubay(red-shirted in 2016)

Class of 2018(2022 graduates) - Molly Asmus, Carissa Beyer,Maura Collins, Allison Papesh(enrolled early), Mikaylah Van Lanen, Amelia Moore, Elizabeth House, Josie Vondran

Class of 2019(2023 graduates) - Livie Sandt(verbal), Emmy Ogogor(verbal), Grace Dynda(verbal)

Class of 2020(2024 graduates) - Lexie Almodovar (verbal), Anna Wuensch(verbal), Lindsay Winner (verbal), Alayna Yates(verbal)

BeckysTXA 01-11-2018 10:08 PM

Class of 2020 - Lexie Almodovar 5’8” DS/OH from Noblesville, IN and Munciana club - which is a very good club program. ( verbal).

BeckysTXA 02-22-2018 09:17 PM

Two more added to the 2020 recruiting class:

5-7 DS Anna Wuensch from Bishop Chatard in Indy, IN and Team Indiana VBC. If my memory is still intact at my age, I think UD alum Kourtney Norris was from this high school. She had a great career at UD and ended up as one of Horsmonís assistant coaches for a couple years at Maryland.

The next player Chris R will like...

6-1 MB Lindsay Winner from Versailles, OH and Team Atlantis. UD Alum MB Megan Campbell was also from Versailles, OH.

Welcome ladies!

BeckysTXA 02-23-2018 12:48 PM

A little about Lindsey...I couldnít find much. She has an older sister who is a senior this yearthat also plays MB but I could not find anything about her college plans. Their HS team won the DIII State championship this past fall. Also both sisters played basketball last year and were named all conference in b-ball. Danielle would have been a junior and Lindsey a freshman.

Lindsey appears to be ď playing-upĒ on her club vball team one age. Thatís a very good sign. She should be on an age 16 team and she is playing on a 17 team for Atlantis. Most club teams donít have anyone playing up and if they do itís only the really talented player with only one or two playing up.

Chris R 03-08-2018 12:43 AM

Emmy Ogogor just committed. From Helotes, TX near San Antonio. I think 2020 but not sure. Per Twitter.

BeckysTXA 03-09-2018 03:51 PM

I just saw this out on Alyssaís twitter. Itís not out on Rich Kern yet. She is a junior this year, so she would arrive in the fall of 2019. She would be our 2nd member of that class which replaces our 3 seniors this fall.

She was listed as 5í11Ē so Iím guessing an OH. Her older sister also played on their high school team this past season. The sister is listed as 6í1Ē so Emmy might grow a little yet. Their team went 45-4 which is very good in Texas. Attends Sandra Day OConnor High School. Havenít found her club team yet. Itís great to pick up a TX recruit. A lot of talent in that state.

UDSpud 03-11-2018 05:33 PM

Re: Emmy Ogogor. Hope TH knows future talent as Emily does not appear to be anywhere near as good as her sister - Chinelo. Not on the Max-preps roster for her high school, but in the school's team picture for 2017 season girls volleyball. Also, Emmy only played in one set, probably briefly, in the teams final game in the state playoffs with 1 kill and 2 TA's.

Note to Beckys TXA - Believe Sandra Day OConner High school is in Arizona and Emmy is in Helotes TX at Oconner or North Oconner or just Conner HS.

BeckysTXA 03-11-2018 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by UDSpud (Post 543016)
Re: Emmy Ogogor. Hope TH knows future talent as Emily does not appear to be anywhere near as good as her sister - Chinelo. Not on the Max-preps roster for her high school, but in the school's team picture for 2017 season girls volleyball. Also, Emmy only played in one set, probably briefly, in the teams final game in the state playoffs with 1 kill and 2 TA's.

Note to Beckys TXA - Believe Sandra Day OConner High school is in Arizona and Emmy is in Helotes TX at Oconner or North Oconner or just Conner HS.

There is a Sandra Day OíConnor HS in Helotes, TX. Not unusual for more than one school to be named after a public figure.

Her high school team is loaded with talent, so it would be a numbers game. UD probably never saw her play a high school match because of the distance and the coaches are busy coaching UD during the season. They would have evaluated her at club tournaments. Club season runs Jan-July. Iím trying to find her club info but havenít found anything yet.

Nothing out on Rich Kern yet.

BeckysTXA 03-11-2018 07:04 PM

It took awhile, but I’ve found some info. Her full name is Emeogo Ogogor. She does appear to be a junior in high school this year, although she is “ playing-up” on a 18 club team, which is very good news, she plays for SA Lightning VB club. The club website doesn’t give a lot of information, but based on photo it appears she is playing MB. She also made the 17/18 Volleyball Academic All District 2nd Team.

Her sister Chinelo Ogogor is a senior this year and committed to Wichita State. She plays for SA Force VB Club. Based on the college commitments on this team, Chinelo is by far the best player. Wichita States program is way better than any other school her club teammates are going to.

Emmy’s club website or Facebook does not list college commitments.

I’m hoping since these sisters are a year apart UD and the Shockers will play each other for two years in pre-conference matches. I’ve been wanting to get them on our schedule for a couple years.

Also, her high school is in the largest class in TX. They have a freshman coach and a junior varsity coach. Emmy didn’t play much on her high school varsity team this past year, but at such a large high school it was probably a numbers-upper classwoman issue. I also saw a picture of the team with State championship medals ( ie at 5he end of the season) and Emmy looked as tall as her sister who is 6’1”. Again, her club website does not give her info.

BeckysTXA 03-15-2018 09:08 PM

Emmy is now officially listed on Rich Kern. Class of 2019. Listed as a 6í1Ē MB - so it does appear she has gotten taller this year as her high school roster listed her at 5í11Ē. And if she wants to grow another 2Ē before arriving in Dayton, Iím fine with that. Lol

Congrats and welcome Emmy.

BeckysTXA 05-03-2018 07:53 PM

TH has posted his rockstar day twitter message twice in the last week. Here is one of the new recruits, and itís a surprise to me because itís an addition to this fallís class, we could use another setter in case of injuries, so I guess we went out a round one.

Josie Yates, 6-0 Setter from Columbus, OH, Bishop Watterson HS.

You have to like 6-0. I couldnít find anything about her in a google search. She is listed as playing for Elevation in Club vball, but I donít think that is the Mason, OH club since she is from Columbus.

This makes the 2018 class 7 strong.

BeckysTXA 05-03-2018 08:04 PM

And just like that...we have the second new commitment. I am super excited about this player. First she plays for Six Pack VB Club out of Iowa. This club has had a ton of players go to the Big 10. They only field one team in each age group and they get the best players in Iowa.

Second, she has the same last name as the above recruit... what are those odds? (This could be a typo???)

Third, she is a 6’6” MB. We’ve had one of those at UD before and it turned out pretty well. She is the first commitment on her club team and the best players usually commit first.

Class of 2020 - 6’6” MB Alayna Yates, Cedar Falls, IA and Six Pack Volleyball Club.

And the last Alayna we had turned out pretty good too. I think this is our first recruit from Iowa.

ud69 05-03-2018 09:26 PM

Did a little sleuthing using the above info. Probably a typo on Josie Yates. Looks like it is Josie Vondran. She played at Watterson and also on the Elevation Club with another Flyer recruit Elizabeth House.



As to Yates - You can't coach 6' 6".

BeckysTXA 05-04-2018 07:35 AM

I noticed the Josie on Elizabeth’s club team page with no info, like her position of setter. She was also not listed on their commitment page. But at that point the second recruit wasn’t on Rich Kern so I wasn’t thinking a last name typo. Thanks for tracking it all down.

TH has sent other recruits to this club. Jamie and Brooke played there their senior year in HS. Margo Wolf also played for this club.

Penn State HC Russ Rose send a lot of his recruits to a club in Pittsburgh. It looks like Tim is setting up Elevation the same way. It’s close and he can drive down to watch practice and work with the club coaches to focus on areas he wants to see improvement.

BeckysTXA 05-04-2018 07:49 AM

Assistant coach Alyssa had a twitter post on April 25th that said a high profile recruit was visiting campus. It might have been Alayna Yates. I don’t have a subscription to prepvolleyball.com. But they put out a list of the best 79 Sophomores each year. They also publish the Top 100 and 250 senior aces each year. I’d like to see if Yates is listed as a sophomore. I subscribe to Rich Kern, so if someone wants to pay for prepvolleyball we could have Dayton recruiting news covered. Send me a private message if you subscribe. Prepvolleyball also publishes the recruiting class rankings each year and I expect our class to get recognition this year. We have a huge class of 7 with some top talent.

BeckysTXA 05-04-2018 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by ud69 (Post 549645)
As to Yates - You can't coach 6' 6".

From Kern website:

2017 DI rosters = 5221 players

14.4% are 6í and 12.7% are 6í1Ē - the two highest percentages.

0.2% are 6í6Ē (13 players)
0.1% are 6í7Ē (7 players)
0.1% are 6í8Ē (3 players)

6í6Ē+ appears also hard to sign because there are so few of them. Congrats to the staff.

BeckysTXA 05-04-2018 09:57 AM

The state of UDVB recruiting.

If youíre a UD volleyball fan, count your blessings we again have a staff that can recruit top players to Dayton. During the Sheffield years many of us were sending private messages because we were ALWaYS behind on recruiting. I think we only got 2 Top 100 recruits in those years. One was committed to another school and at the last minute changed her mind. The second was a setter that left the team during pre-season practices. And when Sheffield finally got a good class, he jumps ship and takes some recruits with him.

In Horsmonís last year he landed the 2007 class that was ranked 22nd in the nation. (Broerman, Gaerke, Hausfeld, Marten, Novacek). Add Fletemeier, a red shirt from the 2006 class and Cowdrey, a transfer linked to Sheff from Albany ( giving him credit for that) but to be honest, Sheff road Timís recruits to success.

Sheff landed a some good Top 250 recruits, he just struggled to get any Top 100s.

Now look at where UDVB is today after Timís return:

2016: #17 ranked class. Jordan, Olivia, Jamie, Sierra, Brook.

2018: 7 Strong. Should be ranked.

2020: this class is looking very good also. TBD

Iíll take a ranked class every other year every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Thatís what will get us to the second weekend and beyond.

Tim returned in 2014. At that point you are playing from behind for 2014 and 2015 recruits. He still picked up Amber, Kendyll and Lauren - all unranked players that are 1st team A10 and Amber was POY. I believe the only recruit we had for 2015 was Margo who is a Top 250. She is the last of the Affolder/Sheff recruiting efforts.

So for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 classes, Tim had brought in 3 Top 100 recruits. Plus 6 more Top 250 recruit. And in the 2016 class, two players were just outside the Top 100. (I think they were top 110). Those two are Sierra and Olivia who I think will have Big years in 2018. The most Top 110 recruits weíve ever had on a team at any given time was two in 2007 and 2008. We will have FIVE this year and NINE Top 250s plus Kendyll and Lauren who are returning 1st team A10.

Horsmon, Alyssa, Balice and (Audrey and Evan) have done an incredible recruiting job. Count your blessings.

ud69 05-17-2018 03:40 PM

Added Carissa Beyer. Was on the most recent press release.


BeckysTXA 06-03-2018 06:39 AM

Iíve been trying to find some info on new setter Josie Vondran. Specifically, she appears to be a pretty good athlete and thus Iím a little surprised she was available so late in the recruiting cycle. I thought she might have changed her mind on an earlier verbal commitment, but I could not find anything. Here are a couple things I did find.

She played very well this past spring during club season. She was one of six players featured as having an outstanding first day in a club tournament in Louisville by prepvolleyball. She was featured in the articleís picture and the write up stated she had solid placement with her sets but really caught everyoneís eye with an outstanding attack. She is a left-handed setter and they have an advantage in the quick second-touch attack because a setter is lined up to set with their left hand/shoulder away from the net so they can swing hard and fast in a quick attack instead of setting on the second touch. A right-handed setter either has to twist her whole body into position to get a full swing attack or she can twist her right wrist in a wrist-snap attack that relies on finding a hole on the floor or back corner of the court to score more than a power attack.

Josie has a younger sister Clara who played club age 13 this past year. She is already 5í8Ē. Josie is 6í.

Josieís mom Tracy played at tOSU from 1989-1992. I couldnít find what position she played. But they won 2 conference championships and she played in a Final Four in 1991. Thatís impressive. Tracy has coached volleyball at the junior high, high school and club levels.

We have several players who have moms that coach. Usually those players have a high volleyball IQs.

ud69 07-19-2018 01:28 AM

Grace Dynda

Avid Flyer 07-19-2018 05:15 AM

Welcome aboard Grace...I know you'll be amazing. Go flyers

BeckysTXA 07-19-2018 04:55 PM

Last year after her junior year, she was 2nd Team All-Ohio, 1st Team all District and TRAC Player of the Year. She’s listed as 5’11” and a Rightside OH. Also noted she is left handed, which helps if you’re attacking from the Rightside.

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