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Swampy Meadows 10-14-2020 12:35 PM

Time To Empty The "Other Bookmarks" File
BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- For those of you keeping score at home, it has been 36 days since “From the Swamp” last graced the front page of this here website. Needless to say, there hasn’t been a heckuva lot to write about hoops-wise recently, what with the NBA Draft delayed until next month and UD’s hoop schedule in mass disarray. At times such as these, “FTS” turns to our “Other Bookmarks” file, the depository of interesting articles, videos, tweets and graphics that usually provide B-roll material for a basketball-centric entry. Since there ain’t no college hoops to speak of, let's go!

-- Busting Brackets analyzes the Flyer depth chart for 2020-2021:


-- A video retrospective on the Flyers’ 2020 campaign, courtesy of Nick Gregor, Content Creator for Dayton Flyers Athletics:


-- Mike Schmitz of ESPN interviews Obi and analyzes his game:


-- Justin Brantley interviews AG as part of his “More Than Just a Recruiter” series:


-- Fellow blogger Dominic Samangy of Syracuse U profiles and analyzes Jalen Crutcher’s game:


-- Whatever happened to Barstool Flyers?


-- ‘Caddyshack’ recently turned 40. Here are several articles on one of the most quoted flicks of all time:

‘Caddyshack’ at 40: How South Fla. set tee time for classic comedy


From the SI Vault: A ‘Caddyshack’ Oral History


‘Caddyshack’ Unites Bill Murray and Chevy Chase After ‘SNL’ Fight


The Inside Story of Caddyshack II, One of the Worst Sequels in History


-- Hey Swamp, how about some longform articles? Here ya go:

Angels & Demons


The Hero of Goodall Park: Inside a true-crime drama 50 years in the making


We Quit Our Jobs to Build a Cabin—Everything Went Wrong


When Fly (Williams) Got Swatted


-- The only picture of every ‘Star Wars’ character who ever appeared in any of the nine episodes all in one place that you will see all day:


-- Roadside America: The Library of Congress has published over 11,000 high-resolution shots of U.S. roadside attractions taken by architectural critic and photographer John Margolies and released the images into the public domain:


Here is a Flickr album with 2,400 of them:


-- A profile from The New York Times of the late, great columnist Pete Hamill:


-- As someone who prides himself on being able to hold my breath underwater for extended periods of time, I was shocked to learn about something called "shallow water blackout” and the dangers that it presents. Scary stuff!


That’s it “From the Swamp”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com

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