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Swampy Meadows 01-18-2020 12:18 PM

How I Melted This Website By Jalen Crutcher
BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- In the middle of last night’s SLU/UD rock fight one of the ESPN2 announcers commented that the game had the feel of an NCAA Tournament tilt and indeed it did. True to form, UD Pride Message Board posters acted accordingly, flooding the servers and “melting the hamster wheel” in the words of our esteemed honcho Chris Rieman.

To give you a sense of the magnitude of the shockwave that Crutcher’s clutch three pointer had, consider this:

Not only did Crutcher’s shot make #4 on Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays:


It was also featured in the “Eye Opener” montage on CBS This Morning Saturday:


Not the CBS Sports Network opening mind you, CBS CBS, the home of the NCAA Final Four.

When has that ever happened during the regular season?

-- What I thought was the turning point of the game was the whole “Obi flopping” technical call. Seriously, how many of you watching knew what the correct ruling was in that situation? The SLU crowd, the ESPN announcers and Flyer fans everywhere thought Obi had just picked up PF #5 and was done. Instead it was just a warning...whew! And here is the key play: Dwayne Cohill then drew a charge on Jordan Goodwin and instead it was Goodwin who was DQed.

So, in a matter of a few seconds we went from Obi is outta there and the Billikens are shooting FTs to expand their 1 point lead to SLU’s leading scorer is finished and it’s our apple.

Well done Mr. Cohill!

-- Another key factor: The Flyers went 6-6 on three pointers late in the second half. Given the context and how they had shot threes previously, that is the mark of a champion. Like I always say “You gotta have the guts to take ‘em and the skills to make ‘em.”

Jablo with the video documentation:


-- Both teams left numerous points on the table at the FT line in regulation. Trey went 1 for 2 and Rodney missed the front-end of two one and ones. That’s 5 potential markers, any of which would have ended the game in regulation in the Flyers’ favor. Jalen meanwhile, went 4-4 in OT from the charity stripe. Chatman will learn and grow from this and next time, he will drill those freebies when it matters. Mark it down.

-- Totally unbelievable video of various post-game celebrations by the Flyer Faithful, in the Ghetto and elsewhere:


-- Crutcher’s three from two different angles:



-- John Bedell with Larry’s call on WHIO radio:


-- Condensed highlights if you can’t get enuf:


-- Great teaching moment on Crutcher’s poise here from Fran Fraschilla:


-- Interesting factoid on Crutcher’s family from Jablo:

David Jablonski

Jalen Crutcher made that shot in front of a number of family members who made the trip from Memphis. His mom Sheila, however, was too nervous to watch and was in the hallway throughout OT.

Here’s more:


-- Superb video of the post game locker room celebration:


-- And AG busts a move after an introduction by Dwayne Cohill:


-- The view from the other side, courtesy of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:


And from Billikens.com:


-- ESPN2 played that “Week of Upsets” video collage a little too often for my liking during the game. Sorry guys, you can shelve that bad boy and save it for some of this weekend’s games featuring other Top 25 squads.

-- My personal pet peeve when it comes to announcers is what I refer to as “The Alaa Abdelnaby Effect.” The former Dukie was famous for pronouncing “Dayton” as “Day-on” like the ‘T’ was silent or something. ESPN2 mouthpiece Mike Corey for the SLU/UD funfest is also guilty as charged.

-- I usually enjoy the writing of Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News, but TSN Mike is smoking the drapes with this tweet:

Michael DeCourcy‏
@tsnmike 13h

Some people say I complain a lot about refs. I don’t think that’s true I complain about bad calls. (And charbage). But let’s give credit to the Atlantic 10 refs who worked #DaytonSLU that was a well called game.

Yo, Mike: A 37-19 FT differential is a well called game? Really?

In addition, there was the phantom FT box out call on Mikesell; the questionable foul on Trey late in OT; the ridiculous ‘two seconds’ call on Obi -- he was dribbling outside the lane for a while and had only just stepped into it when the zebra blew his whistle and the Mikesell foul on Goodwin when he was attempting a three. Goodwin only made 1 of 3 FTS so as they say “God knew.”

-- A lot of college hoops fans wonder how good will Dayton be next year without Obi Toppin. They need to remember this:

UD will still have Jalen Crutcher

That’s it “From the Swamp.”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com

UDEE79 01-18-2020 01:01 PM

Swampy thanks so much for this collection of links!
Posted via Mobile Device

Viperstick 01-18-2020 01:20 PM

Thanks for the links Swamp, really liked the CBS Morning montage.

DGO67 01-18-2020 03:14 PM

I had the Geeks over to my house tying to figure out why I couldn't log on to UDPride.

CT Flyer 01-18-2020 04:32 PM

Great summary piece Swampy!

I knew it was not Obi's fifth on the flop and only a warning, as I have seen it called many times this season in college basketball already, including against our very own Rodney Chatman. I also knew that it meant anyone on the team that flopped afterwards meant a T for Dayton. What I did not know was that it was a Class B technical which means it would not go towards the player's personal fouls.

Chris R 01-18-2020 06:51 PM

Far less contact has resulted in charging calls this season in CBB than Obi's "flop". The guy did jump right into him. Technically thats a charge. Sure Obi embellished a bit, but the defender was encroaching on his spot on the floor directly under his feet -- which he is entitled to. Considering how poor the officiating was, you had to sell everything to get a call.

Unless of course you were Trey Landers just standing on the perimeter.

Tony T 71 01-22-2020 03:51 AM

Outstanding Swamp man 😀

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