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Swampy Meadows 12-13-2021 08:46 PM

Delayed Reaction
BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- “FTS” was in the process of driving back to Michigan from visiting family in Pennsylvania when the Flyers and Virginia Tech game tipped off on Sunday at 2:00 pm. Normally we would have waited a day to head home, but we have been dealing with contractors the past few weeks and needed to be back for their arrival on Monday morning.

No problem, the game was on ESPN2 and my trusty DVR would record the entire tilt.

The display screen in our SUV indicated that the Elder Swampette texted Mrs. Swampy shortly after 4:00 pm. She was sending game updates for her old man, if he wanted them, which I declined. I was cautiously optimistic about the outcome, as it was doubtful she would be messaging me that UD had gotten blown out by VT.

We got home, unloaded the car and turned on the TV to the game recording only to see…Florida State and South Carolina? And there were still 5 minutes to go!

Obviously my Smart TV was not nearly intelligent enuf to know that the start of the game was being shifted to ESPN News. Next time we’re in the market, we need to get a Mensa TV in order to avoid a repeat.

I hit the fast forward button until I saw the friendly confines of UD Arena on the screen. At that point there were 11+ minutes left in the first half and the score was…10-2? What’s up with that?

After reading the UDPride MB, it appears we didn’t miss much, as neither squad scored for 4 ½ minutes. Then, after falling behind 2-0, the Red and Blue ripped off 10 straight to get us up-to-date.

A coupla things quickly became apparent:

– UD’s press was wreaking havoc with the Hokies
– Toumani Camara was a TO machine
– RJ Blakney was en fuego

The two teams battled back and forth but VT never got closer than 5 points which ended up being the final spread.

It was definitely worth the wait!

Some Twitter reactions:

Jon Rothstein: Dayton's Resume:

KEY WINS: Kansas, Virginia Tech, Belmont, Miami

KEY LOSSES: Lipscomb, UMass Lowell, Austin Peay

"My advice to you is that you start drinking heavily" - John Belushi as Bluto in National Lampoon's Animal House, circa 1978

Grant Kelly: This is the most butthurt officiating crew I’ve ever seen in any sport

Matt Norlander: Dayton also seems determined to have the most bipolar résumé in college hoops. Handling Virginia Tech with ease at the moment.

AdamG1224: If they beat Ole Miss next weekend (and Southern after), they will have built one weird ass non-con resume. And I’ll say this, having those 3 terrible losses all happen in a row could actually help their case should they be a bubble team.

Sully: If Dayton is going to play defense like that this season they're going to win a lot of games in A10 play.


– Another Twitter poster worth following is Flyer fan Tom Eggemeier. I’m not an analytics guy, but Tom consistently comes up with some great graphs. For example:

Dayton has the #8 resume & is #21 in predictive analytics from Miami game onward. Those 3 home buy game losses hurt so much.


– The Top 25 Most Likable/Unlikable Head Basketball Coaches:


Interesting that the “most likable” coach in the country is currently suspended and his squad is ineligible for postseason play for 4 years.

To no one’s great surprise, AG checks in at #15.

Star Wars Begins, The Complete Filmumentary features deleted scenes, alternate takes and different angles, bloopers, original on set audio recordings and a huge amount of commentary from cast and crew, culled from every corner of the galaxy:


That’s it “From the Swamp.”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com

Tony T 71 12-14-2021 06:11 AM

Thanks Swampy
Like reading your take and the added info is great.


CT Flyer 12-14-2021 09:36 AM

How did Danny Hurley escape the unlikable list???

San Diego Flyer 12-14-2021 10:37 AM

Interesting that Tim Jankovich of SMU was #21 on the unlikable list. Any comments on that one?

Bill202 12-14-2021 11:33 AM

2 Pitino's on the UNLIKABLE list! Genetic?

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