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Old 12-07-2017, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by steve View Post
If this team wants to start getting off to better starts which is what is needed and especially against a legit team then they better start finding the BIGS both early and often. This creates the ability to get easier looks, get opponents BIGS in some foul trouble, kick it back out, rotate the ball, swing it, have more wide-open looks, and more importantly get the defenders back on their heels some.

Right now UD is NOT strong with the ball out on the perimeter (DD has never been strong with the ball, Crosby a TO machine, and Crutcher just learning the ropes) as evident by all the TO's and especially the three in a row to close out the half against TT. If they want the defense to quit cheating and anticipating the passing lanes the BIGS need touches..
Originally Posted by shocka43 View Post
I get that...but the reversals are setting up lower percentage 3's than high percentage post feeds on the back side.

I am a firm believer that the inside game opens up the outside game and not the other way around. Post game gets you fouls, free throws, and forces the opponent to collapse in the paint or hit the backside hard. In that case, the highest percentage 3 (inside out) will be there as well.

Defenses can pack the lane all day and give you open 3's. They open 3's are never a guarantee. But you hit the post with some effectiveness...the 3 ball is still there on kick outs and reversals. Not the other way around.

I am with you in the sense that is what AG wants...but on the flip side...after the under 16 we got posts feeds and we get post feeds to start the 2nd half almost every game...so my takeaway from that is he is telling them to get it inside because it ends up working.
You're advocating for more post feeds because of the number of TO's the team commits. For those of you scoring at home, Cunningham is averaging 0.09 TO/minute, Landers is averaging is averaging 0.09 TO/minute, and Kostas is averaging 0.09 TO/minute. DD is averaging 0.08 TO/minute, Crutcher is averaging 0.07 TO/minute, and Davis is averaging 0.02 TO/minute. Crosby is effectively not playing anymore but his is terrible of course (0.12). I don't think more post feeds = less TO. "Oh but Gazoo those are all TO's on the perimeter." No, not buying it.

Then, you say we need to feed the post because other teams can just crowd the lane. Doesn't that make it harder to feed the post if that's where all the defenders are? Your logic says we can't get good shots unless Cunningham can score 1-on-5 a few times down the court, then we'll get the better setup for kick outs. Of course I know that's not what you're thinking, but you seem to be trying too hard to exaggerate the point.

I'm just saying our bigs today are black holes. AG might be calling for a reversal before it gets inside the "Cunningham event horizon." If we passed the ball into the post after the first entry pass every trip down the court, 4 defenders would basically get to take the possession off and rest. Reversals make everyone engage, THEN throw it into the post.

Also, if we threw it in the post every time down Cunningham would average 40 TO's per game and get blocked 15 times a game (and maybe foul out the other team's big; Cunningham would also foul out with 5 charges).

It's just possible that AG is trying to create a balance until Cunningham gets better at recognizing the shooters and the shooters get better at recognizing the angles for kickout passes.

I'm sure we're basically in agreement. I'm just offering an explanation that possible they're doing exactly what AG wants.
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