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An Early Spring and the Late Spring
An Early Spring and the Late Spring
Published by Swampy Meadows
An Early Spring and the Late Spring

BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- I don’t know about where you live, but we have had an incredibly early Spring this year here in Michigan. I’m talking crocuses popping up in mid-January and all of the flowers and trees blossoming in late February kinda early. The result has been an incredibly vibrant landscape, as the blossoming magnolia, apple and cherry trees have never looked better and my lawn looks fantastic, when all I have done was mow it. You gotta love that!

And then we have the Late Spring, as in the Late Signing Period and with two (or possibly three) scholarships available, the Flyer Faithful are hoping the Late Spring is as bountiful for Archie and his staff as the Early Spring has been for our eyeballs.

The reason that I said “or possibly three” scholarships could be open is all because of one guy by the name of Steve Keller. Ever heard of him? Me neither, but on April 6th he posted this item on his Twitter account:

“Javon Thomas is going to Quality Education in NC & reclass to 2013. PG is athletic & best going to basket. Settling in as good Mid DI."

There are a coupla problems with Keller’s tweet (beyond the obvious one that he spelled Thomas' first name wrong), those being that JT attended Quality Education last year, as in 2011 and that no one else has said a word about Jevon reclassifying. All of which tells me, Keller got some old/bad information and reported it as new news, which it most probably ain’t. As a matter of fact, on Saturday recruiting analyst Brian Bosworth of NBE Basketball featured this update on Jevon from the NJ Playaz Spring Fling AAU Tournament game played on Friday -- which just happens to be the same day that Keller posted his tweet:

Jevon Thomas (Team Melo 2012) – signed with Dayton – Thomas’ athleticism at the point is jarring if you haven’t seen him play before. The sub 6 footer flies up and down the court with the ball in his hands and exploded around the rim for multiple dunks on the day. His jumper was not falling but he made the adjustment and attacked the rim every time. Thomas needs to become better at running a team and operating in the half court but he’s an exciting athlete in the back court for the Flyers.

No mention of not qualifying or reclassifying whatsoever. Hmmm.

Regardless of whether there are two or three slots open in the Class of 2012, Archie has the pipeline filled with quality guys like Willie Moore (the recent Dukes defectee), Desmond Ritenour from Cleveland, Thaddeus Hall from New York, Jerron Wilbut from Chicago, Ryan Taylor (the former Louisville commit) and Kedar Edwards from Brooklyn, NY.

Go get ‘em, Arch!

Two other annual rites of Spring in College Hoops besides the Late Signing Period are the Transfers List and the Coaching Carousel.

Jeff Goodman at CBS Sports has become the unofficial “Keeper of the Transfers List.” Here is his first pass at it, published March 28th:


And here is the latest roster of the newly anointed ex-coaches, also courtesy of CBS Sports, headlined by Isiah Thomas at FIU:


And so the “musical chairs” game begins!

Elsewhere on the worldwide webernet:

-- In case you missed it, here is the official CBS-sanctioned video celebrating UD’s proclamation as the "Best Under-the-Radar College Basketball Atmosphere":


-- 20 years after his death, USF’s Stan Heath still remembers UD’s Chris Daniels:


-- Here’s some video of Ryan Taylor which will show you why he’s at the top of my list of potential Flyer recruits:


-- One name not in the mix for 2012 for UD is ex-Huber Heights Wayne star and former Providence commit Marcus Krider. He was last seen making an official visit to Georgia State:


-- The University of San Francisco is the early leader in the clubhouse for highest number of transfers with six, count ‘em, six kids bailing on the once-proud Dons program:


-- It’s not too early to start thinking about recruits for 2013 either. Here’s an update on Sean Sellers from Indiana:


-- Sad to read that the great Joe Posnanski has resigned as Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated:


-- Tom Archdeacon from The DDN doing what Arch does best -- tell us the story of someone we would never know about unless he had told us. This time it is UD football player Anthony Sadler:


-- RIP Earl Scruggs:


-- The biggest wave ever surfed:


-- When not to use WD40:


-- With the new Three Stooges flick coming out, what better time to unearth a home movie that they made (in color!) at The Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ:


That’s it “From the Swamp.”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com
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By NovaFlyer on 04-09-2012, 08:24 PM
Noticed that three Wright State players are transferring. Did not see anything in the
Dayton news. Also, Glen Rice Jr transferring, well guess he didn't have much choice there.

Nice rundown Swampy.
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By Buster Goode on 04-11-2012, 08:11 AM
Looks like Steve Keller nailed the story with Jevon Thomas.
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By NCkevi on 04-12-2012, 01:41 PM
USF is also in the running for former Flyer Spearman (along with Milwaukee, Northern Iowa and Detroit)
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