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Senior Becky Novacek
Senior Becky Novacek
Published by UDBrian
Senior Becky Novacek

DAYTON (OH) -- "Becky works hard at everything she does" said fellow senior Lindsay Fletemier.

Great players and great people strive for perfection. That is what stands out in my mind most when I think of Becky. When interviewed after a great match where she played very well and hit for a very high percentage Becky said "Yeah, but I had three errors". Thomas Watson the founder of IBM once said "It is better to aim for perfection and fail than to aim for imperfection and achieve it". Becky exemplifies this drive more than most people you will ever meet. Becky and Lindsay Fletemier both practiced their blocking technique by themselves during last summer and Lindsay said "We probably looked silly doing it" and that is the work ethic that Becky will be remembered for. She has been slightly overshadowed by a certain 6'6" middle blocker but Becky has been a tremendous player at UD.

Becky said that one of her best memories at UD was the opportunity for the team to have lunch at her house on a trip to Pennsylvania!

Here is what coach Sheffield had to say about Becky:

Perfectionist, analytical, nice. "Constantly trying to find ways to get better. 100% effort all the time. Players will talk about her work ethic for years to come."

Here are the things about Becky which came to mind for the alumni and current players:

Very hard worker from day 1
Actions girl, not a words girl
Strong and silent type
Great pepper partner but had to protect the stands
Becky did everything right and worked hard
Great girl
Dances a Lot
She is her own person and comfortable being that way
Likes skulls
Studies a lot
Very organized
Does volunteer tax returns

Becky's parents answered a couple of questions concerning Becky's experience at UD.
Can you tell me in one or two paragraphs what going to UD has meant to Becky and how she has grown in that time?

"Becky quickly became very fond of UD. Even though she could have transferred to another school when Coach Horsman left after her freshman year, she chose to stay at UD. She has already made the decision to continue at UD for another year in order to get her MBA. She highly values the education she has received and already put it to use last summer with a challenging internship in Dayton".

"Of course, Becky has grown considerably in many ways over the last four years. In volleyball, not only her skills and overall conditioning have improved, but also her understanding of the game of volleyball has improved. She has received a very high level of coaching, she has been able to focus all of her efforts on volleyball, and she has had extremely talented teammates to support her. Her academic and social growth while at UD have also been impressive, especially because she has been responsible for these areas of her life on her own. She has consistently made good choices, which is quite a relief to us as parents. She has worked non-stop, experienced joy and intense sorrow, and has grown into a very mature 22-year-old young woman, but in our eyes she will always be the little girl turning cartwheels and jumping double-dutch who never ceases to amaze us".

What would you tell a parent whose daughter is considering playing for UD?

"I've been asked for advice from parents when they realize I have three daughters playing college sports, and the advice I give is the same regardless of which college their daugther is considering. I tell them the most important thing is that their daughter should like the school, because the coach could change, or she could get injured and not be able to play, but the school will remain the same. The school should be large enough to offer a variety of majors, because chances are good she'll switch her major. She also has to be comfortable with the size of the school, the setting of the school, and the distance the school is from home. Of course, visiting the school is very important. Another consideration for the parents is what conference the school plays in, and how many of the games they'll be able to easily attend. Because of her busy high school schedule, Becky was never able to have her official visit, but she had an unofficial visit with her dad, and I actually visited the school by myself one day just to make sure I liked it too! We're so pleased she selected University of Dayton, and glad to have had the chance to get to experience this terrific university!"

When asked what her UD volleyball experience has meant to her on and off the court Becky said:

"Being a part of UD volleyball has been a great experience that I will never forget".
How have you changed since arriving at UD?

"Since arriving at UD I have become more serious about my goals and more career focused. Being here has given me a better outlook on the future and how I can make it better."

I will miss Becky's intensity. She may not celebrate a big play with more than a clinched fist but you can see the competitive fires burning very very brightly. For those of you who may not know Becky won a state volleyball title, a state basketball title and a state high jump title in Pennsylvania. That takes intensity and great work ethic.

Becky was voted first team A10 MB and A10 Volleyball Student Athlete of the Year. Congrats and well deserved
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