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T minus 6:00
T minus 6:00
Published by Swampy Meadows
T minus 6:00

BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- T minus 6:00 and counting

The Flyer Faithful are getting so close to the start of the Sweet Sixteen at 7:15 pm EST tonight that we can all taste it. I thought I would keep a running blog as we approach tipoff and what better way to keep track of things than with an old school NASA countdown prior to takeoff?

Fasten your seatbelts!

-- Hot off the presses, a great piece from Dana O'Neil at ESPN.com on Archie, Morgan Miller and the Flyers:


-- RushtheCourt.net asks the question Dayton Adapts, But Can It Beat Stanford?


Short answer: Hell yeah!

-- Outstanding profile on recruiting bulldog and UD Assistant Coach Tom Ostrom:


-- So it's "Sweet Sixteen" Pizza Day at work (lotsa UM and MSU alums) and Bridgit the receptionist sends out an email to let everyone know the pizza is ready with this video attached:


I told her it would be a big hit with the Maize & Blue and Green crowd and she agreed.

T minus 12:00

-- Dr. Willie and the Flyer Pep Band hit Beale Street:


-- Dickie V picks the Flyers to advance:


-- YouTube video of the Flyers meeting Reggie Miller:


I love Kavs posing with Reggie and doing the choke sign.

-- Slide show of Sweet 16 coaches from their playing days. As you might expect, Archie's shooting form is impeccable:


Did you catch the "porn 'stache" on Sean Miller when he was at Pitt?

-- Dayton looks to extend magical ride:


-- Vote now for UD's video in the Atlantic 10's Best Video Contest:


-- Video recap of the Flyer season in 2:41:


T minus 24:00

-- The Flyers are the "Most Tweeted Team" in the Sweet Sixteen:


And the Red & Blue are creating more buzz on Facebook:


-- The DDN is doing a contest to write the headline for the next UD victory. Note the tight window to enter:


-- Tremendous conversation with Roosevelt Chapman from Sports on Earth:


"Velvet" is being interviewed by Lance McAlister on WLW as I type this. Looking forward to hearing the podcast.

-- Had my UD windbreaker on at work today. Walked into the lunchroom and a co-worker said "Go UD Flyers! I have UD in a blind pool and if they get to the Final Four, I make money." We don't want to let my co-worker down now, do we boys?

-- The DDN has an interactive Flyer roster:


-- Nice piece on Dyshawn Pierre from the Durham, ON paper:


-- The ACC tournament is headed to Barclays in a couple of years and as a reward for playing nicely with others, the Flyers and their conference mates will get a series of ACC/A-10 doubleheaders in Brooklyn:


T minus 36:00

-- Not that the Flyers are superstitious or anything but they brought their good luck charm with them from Buffalo -- the same bus and driver, Marty Flickner -- will ferry them around Memphis for the Sweet Sixteen just like they had in the “RuffBuff” as Kevin Kuwik likes to call his hometown:


-- One of the keys to UD’s success is that Archie has kept his entire staff intact over his three year tenure:


-- Campus Insiders says UD has an advantage over Stanford:


-- Real GM evaluates every player in the Sweet Sixteen:


-- Scout.com looks back at the HS rankings of players on the teams who are in the Sweet Sixteen:


Stars, shmars -- UD has basketball players -- that’s all that matters!

-- How did you pass the time during halftime of the Syracuse game? These Flyer Fans had a kid:


-- David Jablonski from The DDN previews the Stanford/Dayton matchup:


-- Gary Parrish of CBS Sports looks ahead to the Sweet Sixteen:


-- NBADraft.net feels that UD had the 3rd best performance of any team over the course of the first weekend of NCAA action:


-- Pickin’ Splinters explains how Dayton got to Memphis:


-- Since no one won Warren Buffet's Billion, Pizza Hut's Wing Street is offering everybody in the country free wings if a team with a winged mascot wins the NCAA Championship:


Trees don't have wings and neither do Gators.

-- March is better off without Coach K and Jim Boeheim according to this guy:


-- KenPom.com with the stats for the teams in the Sweet Sixteen. Of course, UD is #16 and faces #15 in the Cardinal. So what?


-- Should the Flyers be fortunate enuf to make it to the Final Four in Dallas, here is an elapsed-time video of how they assembled the floor that they will play on:


-- “The Sweet Tweet of the Week” thus far comes to us from UD grad Steve Bulpett the Celtics beat writer for The Boston Herald:

Spoke w/BStevens re: Dayton MBB at C's practice (hey, he brought it up). Happy for UD, called Kevin Kuwik "an amazing man."

That’s it “From the Swamp.”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com
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By NCkevi on 03-26-2014, 02:17 PM
-- Real GM evaluates every player in the Sweet Sixteen: Get the opening tip, then come sit on the bench (2): Connecticut’s Philip Nolan and Dayton’s Matt Kavanaugh.

(a) Does Matt even jump for the tip and (b) I think he tends to stay in for a bit after the tip!
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By FlyingArrow on 03-26-2014, 03:59 PM
Do pilots have wings?
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