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Swampy Meadows 07-21-2021 02:40 PM

Thanks CJ#4!
BEVERLY HILLS (MI) -- In looking forward to the upcoming Flyer hoops season, one of the things that “FTS” had planned to do was write a series of profiles on all of the new players. Because, quite obviously, the majority of the roster are guys The Flyer Faithful have never seen in Red and Blue. Well, I can scratch that off my “to do list” as UD Pride MB poster CJ#4 has tackled that task for us and he/she (don’t want to assume gender) is off to a flying start.

CJ#4 on Toumani Camara: http://www.udpride.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35110

CJ#4 on Elijah Weaver: http://www.udpride.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35112

Keep up the good work, CJ#4!

Elsewhere while we wait for TBT to kick off:

-- No argument here with Joey Brackets:


Which kinda flies in the face of Jay Bilas’ including Obi (and UD) on this list of the top mid major draft picks”


-- Speaking of Obi, former NYK Kenny “Sky” Walker says his development will take time:


Obi and Immanuel Quickley tickle the ivories:


#1’s rookie cards are hot sellers:


-- Jon Rothstein breaks down his predictions for the Atlantic 10:


-- ICYMI, UD Pride MB poster moville shared a link to the this update from The Brooklyn Eagle on Roosevelt Chapman, entitled "The Best Player Brooklyn Never Heard Of":


-- I’m sure that I am not alone in being surprised that Oliver Purnell was a key figure in the mystery surrounding the death of Len Bias:


-- UD Media Relations ace videographer Jon Asher compiled a two year highlight tape of his work:


-- Really looking forward to "The Sopranos" sequel entitled The Many Saints of Newark:


A little Sopranos trivia for ya: Remember Christopher, Tony’s right hand guy. His last name was Moltisanti, which in Italian translates to “many saints.”

-- The flying cars we have all been waiting for are finally here!


-- Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory just turned 50:


-- How Steely Dan Became a Cult Favorite for Millennials:


Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen with a fascinating profile of Jean Shepherd, the creator of A Christmas Story:


That’s it “From the Swamp.”
You can email me at: swampy@udpride.com

tirebiter 07-22-2021 03:11 PM

Thanks, Swampy. Interesting read about Steely Dan and Jean Shepherd.

Words I had to look up: metonymic, manichean, inchoate, cryptids, agitprop, and sui generis.

Who'd a thunk I'd expand my vocabulary from a basketball message board?

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